Paid Traffic [April 2020 Special Offer]

Paid Traffic [April 2020 Special Offer]

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This is a special offer for April 2020 for businesses currently doing their own paid traffic management but would like to have their campaigns improved.

* This service is recommended for campaigns that already have history (of at least $1,000 in ad spend) and are currently running or are paused, but have past history. 
* Does not include landing page creation or consulting calls. 
* Does not include new campaign creation - work is on existing campaigns that already have a history of ad spend.

A. Your paid traffic platforms (FB & Google) are reviewed. A list of areas will be identified that can be improved upon. 

B. 3 optimization sessions are applied to the account based on these improvements listed. We will use this time on priority items we identify. 

C. Depending on how many campaigns are there if we are not able to address all items we will share a list of outstanding items I recommend. 

D. You will receive a written analysis within 10 days of our findings, improvements and outstanding improvements that we suggest to be made in the future.