Google Ads Traffic Plan [Michael Alaniz]

Google Ads Traffic Plan [Michael Alaniz]

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If you are receiving this document it outlines the steps to becoming a private client of Michael Alaniz and what that involves.

Private work with Michael

If accepted, Michael will be personally managing your google ads account with the assistance from his local loop marketing team.  Local Loop Marketing is the agency he owns and operates in California with a direct focus on Local Businesses currently doing sales of 2mm to 10mm per year.

Michael’s team will assist him in the following ways.

  • Google analytics setup and maintenance checking
  • Graphic design of ad creatives
  • Loading ad creatives
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research
  • Review of search term report
  • Data mining 
  • Copywriting (expanding on his work in a junior capacity and proofing)

Unlike other accounts your Google Ads account will be personally managed by Michael.

Due to the nature of this being a service, Michael is limited in the amount of accounts he can personally work.

What Your Traffic Plan Includes

1. Intake Form

You will receive a form to fill out prior to your meeting Michael so he can review specific data points about your business and gain an understanding of the overall account before proceeding.

2. Private meeting with Michael

This first live meeting will be to discuss your business.   This meeting will last anywhere from 75 min to 120 minutes depending on the amount of questions and products to cover.  Michael will have his calendar blocked for 120 min just in case that full time is needed.  

  1. Once your meeting is completed Michael will create a traffic strategy that address the following ares.
  • Technical items needed to get started (such as specific reporting features within analytics)
  • Google Search Network Strategy
  • Google Display Network Strategy
  • YouTube Strategy
  • Review of your current ads (if you have any within Google Ads)
  • Overall Recommendations 
  • Marketing assets needed within each network
  • Pricing to set up your account 
  • Pricing to manage your account on an ongoing basis

Each of these areas will go into detail and will allow our team to begin the setup process.

3. Video Recording of Strategy

Once Michael has completed your Google Ads strategy he will personally record a video reviewing it.  This will allow you to get a personalized overview of your plan and allow you to review it multiple times so you can make notes & comments to share with Michael during your follow up meeting.

4. Follow up  Meeting & Pricing to Proceed

Along with you traffic plan you receive pricing set up your traffic plan, and manage it on a monthly basis.

5. Follow Up Meeting

Within 24 hours of receiving your traffic plan, someone from Michael’s team will reach out to you to schedule your follow up meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is to address any questions from your traffic plan and make a decision if you would like to move forward.

This follow up meeting will be 90 minutes.

Please keep in mind there is zero obligation to move forward.