Local Facebook Advertising Campaign Set-Up

Local Facebook Advertising Campaign Set-Up

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Our team will set up 1 Facebook advertising campaign for a product or service of your choice.

This service includes

  • Strategy call to understand WHAT you are advertising and to WHO
  • Set a budget for the next 30 days
  • Create 2 Ad Sets to test targeting
  • Creation of 6 Custom FB Ads.  This is custom artwork.
  • 1 Training video showing you how to change out ads in the future using Facebook's tool.  How to pause ads, Increase budget, Try new targeting.

This is the perfect product for the Local Business that wants to get started with Facebook Advertising, but would like to start managing things on their own.

Note:  Please keep in mind the goal of this service is to set up your campaign and provide basic training.  We recommend pursuing further education of Facebook to make the most out of your budget.