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An advertising website is designed for lead generation and education.

It is a living and breathing marketing tool, which evolves as you understand more about your target market (your target market = your best clients, not all of your clients).

Let our team of marketing professionals produce your advertising site so you can focus on what you do best:

  • One of our staff copywriters will take care of the website copy.


  • We’ll choose and customize a design best suited for your business.


  • Testing is mandatory for any website – we’ll make sure your site is working across multiple devices.


  • One of our expert advertisers will come up with ideas for a lead generation offer to put on your site.



How It Works: 

Phase 1:  Analysis

Prior to creating your site one of our team members we will interview you in order to conduct a brief analysis of your business, your objectives and to gain an understanding of the following items.  This is done via an online form + a 45 min phone interview.

  • What you do
  • What has made you successful so far
  • Who your market is
  • Which 2 services / products to start with
  • What lead generation item we should begin with

  • Phase 2:  Copy 

    You can choose to write your own copy, or have someone from our team write copy. Either way, we will present you with copy and headlines for final approval.

    Phase 3:  Web Page Creation

    Once copy is approved our team will get to work creating 7 web pages:

    * Page #1: Homepage
    * Page #2: About Us
    * Page #3: Service or Product
    * Page #4: Service or Product
    * Page #5: Contact Us
    * Page #6: Lead Generation
    * Page #7: Our Process

    Phase 4:  Technical Set-Up

    Once the webpages of your advertiser site have been created our team will perform the technical set up of the following items.

    • CRM
    • Analytics Setup
      • Remarketing Audience Creation
      • Goal Set-Up (For lead generation)

    Phase 5:  Asset Creation

    Our team will create a digital asset for lead generation purposes, along with a landing page to market this asset and 4 Facebook ads.

    A 5-Part email sequence will also be added to your CRM to follow up with anyone who requests this asset.

    Phase 6:  Testing

    Once webpage & technical set-up is complete our team will test your site to ensure we have properly installed all technical items and that each page is functioning properly.

    Phase 7:  Load

    Your advertiser site will then be loaded on its domain. 

    Phase 8:  Market

    Your advertiser site is now ready for marketing.

    If you have already purchased a paid traffic package our team will activate your marketing campaigns to begin advertising your two products.